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HR is under enormous pressure to recruit faster and hire smarter. Technology is part of the solution …but also part of the problem. More time, money, and resources won’t help either without fresh ideas and lots of innovation. That’s the purpose of Googlization Nation – an online community where you – HR, Recruiters, Hiring Managers, and Business Leaders – can listen to experts, share stories, access exclusive content, in order to grow and make a difference in your businesses and careers.


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The world we knew is constantly shifting. The future of work is more complex and uncertain.The rules, the people, and the environment keep changing. There’s an historic and disruptive tug of war between opportunity and chaos. Landing on the right side of the future requires a safe place, a community where like-minded peope can explore, share, collaborate, and learn. ¬†Googlization Nation is just the place!


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